Medford, OR, 10/12/2010 — Advantage Staffing, Inc. (a privately owned Oregon company) has announced a corporate Name Change to Confident Staffing, Inc.  The name change reflects the company’s long-term strategy to grow its business and more closely aligns and strengthens the identity of each of its operating entities including Staffing, Employee Leasing and Direct Hire under one brand.

The company’s management determined that in order to follow their plans for future growth and expansion the company name needed to change. The old name “Advantage” is already in use by many other companies in other states and markets where expansion is being considered.  The new name “Confident” provides a .com web address and allows greater expansion including the ability to franchise across this beautiful country. More importantly, it accurately represents the company’s foundational attitude and philosophy!

New Confident Staffing Logo

New Tagline

While the name has changed, please be assured that the ownership, management and staff, as well as the current addresses and phone numbers remain the same.  When you call the same number you have in the past – you will continue to access the same great people who will continue to serve you with the same respect and sincerity that you have come to expect.  Only identifiers that contain the name have changed including email and web addresses.  

Commenting on the name change, Confident Staffing President and CEO, Rebecca H. Morrison-Stoney noted, “The name ‘Confident’ clearly defines the message that we represent to our clients under one unified brand.  We are Confident in our people and services and we desire to help others Get Confident!  Our new name also more accurately reflects our progress toward becoming a nationwide and international workforce provider.  It conveys our attitude and reinforces our commitment to providing our clients with short and long-term solutions and services that help them more effectively acquire and manage their workforce, enabling them to pursue their own business goals with efficiency and confidence. This is a very exciting time for us as we continue to position ourselves for positive accelerated growth in an improving economy.”

Media Contact:
Rebecca H. Morrison-Stoney, CEO/President
2770 Biddle Rd. – Medford, OR 97504
541-773-8888 – Office  541-773-8158 – Fax

Same great folks, same great service – with a new name… We hope you like it as much as we do!

Forward-Looking (Safe Harbor) Statement
Certain statements in this press release are “forward-looking statements” and involve known and unknown risk, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the Company’s actual performance or achievements to be materially different from the results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking statement. Factors that impact such forward-looking statements include, among others, changes in worldwide general economic conditions; government regulations; the ability of our new management to successfully implement our business plan and strategy; our ability to fund our operations including the cost and availability of capital and credit; our ability to compete effectively including our ability to maintain and increase our market share in the markets in which we do business; and our dependence on sales from our main services and markets and our ability to successfully develop and commercialize new services and markets.