Q: What does it cost me to be paid through Confident Employee Leasing?
A. Our services to employees are absolutely FREE.  We are always paid by our client companies.

Q: Can I apply for a job with a company that pays its employees through Confident Employee Leasing?
A: Yes, you can always fill out our Employee Onboarding application online 24/7

Q: When and where should I send you my resume?
A:  We are always happy to receive your resume, simply email your resume to us at [email protected].  It is helpful if you let us know in your email what type of job you are seeking at this time.  It would be ideal to receive your resume at the same time you apply online.

Q: Where can I apply for a job in person with Confident Employee Leasing? 
A:   To apply in person in Medford, OR: 1575 E McAndrews Rd Suite 303 (3rd Floor), Medford, Oregon 97504 Directions to our Medford office

Q: When can I apply in person at a Confident Employee Leasing office?
A: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Set aside at least one hour for the application and testing process.
Our Staffing Representatives will review your application and help you transition to getting paid through us while you are working for the company that sent you to us.

Q: What items should I bring with me when I apply?
A: When you apply with Confident, bring your employment history and your Resume and two forms of government issued ID. Examples of valid IDs include your driver’s license, state ID, passport, social security card, birth certificate, or any other legal ID that qualifies for I-9 requirements so we can complete the hiring process. If you are applying for licensed or certified positions, bring your Certifications, Licenses and other docs required for specific types of employment.

Q: What services does Confident Employee Leasing provide to employees?
A: Confident works with you to help you get paid for working at our client company and we help you potentially receive other benefits your company chooseds to provide through us!


Q: Do you take care of any employer costs?
A: When we lease one of our employees to your company – we are sharing the employer responsibilities together, where we take care of the payroll responsibilities and you take care of the training and supervision of your employees.  We are responsible for paying and reporting all employer costs, such as State and Federal Taxes, Social Security, State and Federal Unemployment, Workers’ compensation, Oregon Sick Time, ACA benefits and all payroll related expense.

Q: When do you bill?
A: We bill weekly based on hours worked and the wage paid.

Q: What does your bill rate include?
A: Our hourly bill rate includes the wage and your hourly rate and most payroll related expenses and our billings include all expenses relating to that time period including any Oregon Sick Pay or ACA benefits or any other benefits.

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